Funny Sex Toys You Have To See To Believe

Funny Sex Toys You Have To See To Believe

Hot Crazy Mess – For Girls


Hot Crazy POV Mess

Hot Crazy POV Mess

Hot Crazy Mess is a website where the most naughty girls are doing their thing when it comes to choosing a sex partner. Daddy issues is the real thing about this website and the genre it’s aiming for. Pretty girls with their hidden agendas of seducing older men – be it step dads, teachers or just a guy next door. POV-styled amateur videos will surely give you a feel of enjoying truly something unique. 🙂

MYLF Selection

Moms Are Picky About Sex Toys - MYLF

Moms Are Picky About Sex Toys – MYLF

MYLFs are known for being very picky when it comes to sex toys. If you aren’t aware MYLF = Mom You’d Love To Friend/Fuck. This special niche in the market is extraordinary and all current trends do not apply to these mature women. Before picking a sex toy for a lady in her 30+ you should visit the series and make yourself familiar with their sexual needs.

Gas Mask Dildo

This is a functional gas mask that is fitted directly to a dildo. The dynamics to articulate the utility of this product is largely based on imagination as the idea behind its development is entirely exclusive to its creator. With this however comes the user discretion with a special emphasis to safe sex. The implications of overindulging with this device could be injurious or fatal as such should be used by those proficient enough to derive pleasure from the gas mask dildo.

Mr. Jack With Mustache

This unique device is designed for those that enjoy blow jobs from unknown faces. It is designed to give you oral pleasure but has a big mustache that springs from its eye brows hence concealing the device’s face. The design however got much sensationalism once it hit the market with many claiming it was well suited for a horror or a thriller movie scene. The toy from a physical appeal looks more like a Muppet with its mouth open.

The Pleasure Periscope

Believe it or not this is a sex toy that lets have a comprehensive and intricate view of your partner’s inner regions of their partner’s sex organs. This coming from a special complains from a good number of people that one cannot see squat even as they would want to with their plain eyes. This creation hence came to remedy their concern giving an insight into the issue at hand.

Kaylani’s Foot Fetish

This is specifically designed for men who cannot help themselves around a pair of sexy feet. This toy is a mold of a girl’s foot with an artificial vagina on its heel. For foot lovers this is a strong play to their canal needs serving them with desirable foot sex experience of their lifetime without even setting a foot off their home.

Baby Jesus Butt Plug

This is a much-sensationalized sex tow that was developed as a statement to organized religion. This at least was the sentiment of its developer and it has gained great acceptance since its inception to the market. The device has on its side a face of the baby Jesus and it has a very elaborate design. This device will automatically have a greater appeal to those of the same sentiments. Talk of sticking it to the organized religions, this is definitely the practical and literally version of the statement.

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