Bratty Cousins… The Worst Thing About Step-Sisters!

Bratty Cousins… The Worst Thing About Step-Sisters!

If there is one thing that is powerful to the extent of not knowing boundaries of family relation, is sex drive in teen girls who are of age. Brattysis is a porn site where girls of 18 years and over engage in sex with their own family members, be it step fathers, step brothers, or step sisters simply because their bodies are craving for it. Once they have decided that sex their ultimate goal, they can seduce anyone just to have it. Imagine having sex with your relative… This is only seen in one porn site that is

What you expect to see in

There was a backbiting saga between a mother named Krissy Lynn, her daughter Cadey Mercury, and Justin Hunt, a step brother to cadey. The mother had just commanded the two of that they will be using Justin’s bedroom to sleep, but Cadey was not going to allow that happen easily. She intentionally exposed her lovely little body for Justin to see and know that she is not just a little girl but a full grown up lady that can handle anything. Apparently, the peep that was made by her made Jutin horny. On top of that, she decides to make things even harder when she strips off her clothes so as to make Justin hornier. In a matter of minutes, Cadey sunk inside the bed sheets and reached for the Justin’s dick. She directed the massive tool inside her mouth and began performing a blowjob on it. Sensing that Justin was about to cum, she retreated and left him turning and tossing with erotic suspense for some hours.

He finally cooled down and slept. Come midnight, he was woken up by Cadey as she was playing with his tool. It was now Justin’s turn. Since they were in their birthday suits, he caressed her tiny body making her wet and in need of the cock. Finally, the dick found its way into her wet pussy from behind. Upon feeling it inside, she was puzzled at first, but with the lovely feeling she was experiencing, she never wanted it out even for a second. Sweetness increased and moans could be heard all over the place when he started digging the cunt by pumping her hard.

As if that is not enough, she went ahead and positioned herself for Justin to hit that pussy from behind. Later they changed to missionary style before she could take the cowgirl positron and whine on top of him.

Both climax and time comes for Justin to offload what he’s been keeping in the balls. He pulls his tool from the pussy and jerks off on her face with satisfaction.

Though he asks for forgiveness of what he did to her at night, he seals the promise by getting down on her knees and licks her honey pot with his tongue!

In conclusion

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